Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Evaluation - Question 3.

In order to gain qualitative feedback, we went about asking the audience in two ways. The first set of feedback was from our class, as they wrote down the positives and negatives of our music video wand for the second set of feedback, as a group we asked the audience 8 specific questions. 


First set of feedback -

Positives -

•   Good editing
•   Jump cuts work well

Improvements that could have been made - 

•   Some shots overused
•   Lip syncing could have been made stronger 
•   Acting could have been more confident, more of an energetic performance
•   Could have used a variety of different locations
•   Shots were too long, quicker cuts for the fast pace of the song would have suited the song better

From this feedback it seems the audience mainly took a preferred reading to our music video, many understood the concept, however; some parts they did not understand such as, the use of the animal masks. These could have played a more interesting and explainable role in our music video, making it for significant.

Second set of feedback - 

For this lot of feedback I asked the audience 8 specific questions -
•   What happens in the narrative?
•   Does the performance look convincing?
•   Does it remind you of any other music videos or other texts?
•   Would you like to be friends with the people in the video?
•   What genre of music do you think the video is appropriate for?
•   If you could change one thing, what would it be?
•   Is the video appropriate to the song?
•   Would the video encourage you to buy the song and why?

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