Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Audience Feedback from the Pitch

Key Points from feedback:

  • Test Shoots for both the skate-park and Anita's house - This something we plan on doing very soon as this will give us some idea of the type of equipment such as lighting we will need.
  • Create a plan B as a back-up - This idea is also something we are also going to follow as a secondary plan will b useful if our main idea fails
  • Research Around maybe the 50's and 60's style - Authentic/vintage clothing - This idea we did do some research into, such as the B52's but we decided not to follow this through as we felt this time period didn't suit the original settings of a modern day house and skate park
  • Test picture in picture - This is something we are also in the stages of testing, this is one particular idea we strongly want to put in our music video and as a group think would be very effective.
  • Permission to use Skate-park - As a group we have already gained permission for use and you can find the email for this on the blog.

Examples of Feedback: 

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