Saturday, 5 October 2013

Music Video Ideas and Influences continued

Another influence from our research in class was the song 'What's A Girl To Do' by Bat For Lashes, we came across this video whilst doing some research into the genre of 'IndiePop' and our group loved the idea of using animal masks, so we decided to incorporate this idea when planning out our music video.

We decided that during the chorus of the song which would be set at the skate park, the female artist and the male character would wear these animal masks (female in a rabbit mask and the male in a fox mask), then during the end of the song, the setting would be in the house where the couple would swing hand in hand as these animal masks almost 'flicker' on and off the characters bring the two scenes together to unravel the plot.

This idea was again influenced by the trailer for 'The Wicker Man' where there is a wide use of animal masks and hidden identity

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