Tuesday, 22 October 2013


Is Creativity A Skill?
  • Points to think about are:
  • Can we develop creativity?
  • Do we all have the potential to improve it?
  • How can we learn how to be creative?
  • Does knowledge of culture/art, help us be more creative?
I Think a knowledge of culture and art can help us be more creative, because the more you draw inspiration from, allow you to gain different ideas and put them together to create something new and of your own. A knowledge of art and culture sometimes can inspire or trigger an idea which enables you to be more creative.
Does a knowledge of creative "tools" help us be more creative?
A knowledge of creative tool does help us be more creative because they allow us to create ideas that are not available, for example the green screen is a tool which enables you to edit a computer generated background or sound behind an object or person. The use of Photoshop also enables you to edit an image to any extent that it becomes unrealistic.
Does media technology inhibit creativity? Are we more "free" without media technology?
I think it enables us to do more with less cost and less props/actors/locations. It allows for more freedom because it can permit us to do more and create new things.
How creative are media producers?
Media producers are somewhat creative because although they come up with interesting and new ideas, the people who produce the ideas that the producers come up with are more creative because they take the ideas and make them a physical thing, they also tell the media producer what ideas he can and can't use.

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