Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Print Production Planning- Locations

The Locations I have decided upon are two separate locations: the one main location will be my garden at home, the garden is fairly big and is suitable due to the use of trees and greenery around the garden which is where i want my surreal images for the  'Head Inside Left' and Head Inside Right' of my CD Cover. In this particular location i will use a range of vintage style props such as, old suitcases, bags and the use of a small table with old cups, saucers and teapots which were all inspired by this 'Alice In Wonderland' styled theme and use of surrealism. By using this location, i can use a variety of props and items without the need to travel too far, making the photographs far more surreal and suitable for the 'Indie Pop' genre. By having this slightly disjunctive set of images on the album, it strongly links with the 'Independent' aspect of the genre of having Landscape photography, whilst having some aspects of the 'Pop' genre such as, photographs of the artist.

The main 'Head Front' of the CD Cover and also the Main image on the advertisement will also be located in my garden at home. However, I will chose to take these images later on at night so it still links with the other images but just adds to the lightly 'low key lighting' which I wanted for the main images, the low key lighting also helps create some sort of atmosphere but I will edit the images in such away that this will not distract the attention off the artist but due to the Autumn weather the leaves on the tress are bold and vibrant which is ideal for my images. Props will be similar to props in the other location, this is so the connection between the images is obvious but I will use just simpler items such as a chair and small table, so the focus is directly on the artist.

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