Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Genre and Auteur Theory

French film directors in the 1950's like Francois Truffaut advocated a focus on the contribution made by the director on the style and form of a film. This is a direct contrast with other perspectives on film which advocate looking at how the film develops as part of generic history. Also Auteur theory differs to 'Genre theory' in that it points our attention towards what is different between films, rather than what is similar.

Genre Theory Focuses on...
Generic similarities
How texts are determined by historic/social/political contexts.
How texts emerge as commercial products from an industry

Auteur Theory focuses on...
Individual stylistic features
How texts are determined by artist's creativity
How texts emerge as part on an artists body of work

Music Video Auteurs Examples:

Chris Cunningham



  • Supernatural 
  • Urban Mise En Scene
  • Horror
  • Bodies used frequently throughout his work

Michel Gondry



  • Bright Mise En Scene
  • Extensive use of colour
  • Heavily planned/choreographed
  • Subtle technology

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