Friday, 20 September 2013

Skills Lesson 3. Green Screen

What is a Green Screen?
The Green Screen or chroma keying, is a special effects / post production technique for layering two images or video streams together. 

Skills Lesson
Today we used the green screen, we also used a piece of green A3 paper to copy the same effect, making Jack's head look like it's floating. Once we had filmed what we wanted, we then uploaded the clip to premiere pro, which we then uploaded a background picture and stretched it out to match the time of the clip. After that we selected 'video effects', then 'keying', then 'chroma key'. When the window popped up we selected the colour we wanted to delete (green) and then used the sliders to delete the amount of shades of that particular colour until both the image and clip were layered together.

Here is an example below using the Green Screen, due to the time the editing around this isn't so sharp so there is still a 'halo' around the subject (Jack) but the skills using the Green Screen and also the editing around this were provided. 

Things to consider when using the Green Screen:
The use of lighting is also important when using the Green Sreen and if i were to use this in my video i'd have to consider this, for example the use of reflectors may depend on the image or video you are layering
Id also have to make sure the Green Screen isn't creased, this is because the creases can make it harder to fix the 'halo' around the subject or objects
Make sure the subject is forward enough so there are no shadows

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