Friday, 20 September 2013

Ideas For Our Music Video and Conventions

In our group we have decided that we want to create a music video within the 'Indie Pop' genre.
Particular Characteristic to consider in this genre include:

  • Use of narrative alongside the performance, normally involving a theme, explaining to the audience the story behind the lyrics, most linking to relationships or love of the artist or character in the song.
  • Some music videos in the Indie Pop genre use a filter over the top of clip or over the entire video to give a certain idea to the video such as, memory or age to the video, or showing the clip in a positive or negative light
  • Another convention in this genre is the use of Mise En Scene to show the setting of the video (usually abstract, natural settings) with the artist showing through the use of setting that it is a fictional idea and is the narrative part of the video
  • The videos also use camerawork, to show a heavy focus on the artist and their performance, rather than a narrative that doesn't include them. The use of close-ups and mid-shots of the artist are also frequent in this particular genre to familiarize fans or an audience who are being introduced, to make them recognizable in the future.
Examples of Indie Pop Music Videos include:

Taylor Swift - Love Story 

This particular music video uses the famous story of Romeo and Juliet to explain her love story along with the lyrics, treating it like a flashback to an older time, with flashback to the same two characters in the present time and also Taylor performing the song.

Lana Del Ray - Ride

In this particular video,the lyrics are shown through love being portrayed as free and 'living life to the full'. The video incorporates a lot of Lana's American origins in the video for example, the American flag appears a lot in the video and the majority of her other songs , possibly showing a particular theme reoccurring.

Florence and The Machine - Rabbit Heart

Uses a strange, alternative world to represent her story, incorporating ideas from 'Alice In Wonderland', Religion and other places to make her love story alternative, individual and also recognisable.

Bastille - Pompeii

Uses a lot of wide-angle and long angle shots throughout the video helping connote the enormity of the city. The lighting is quite muted, naturalistic and low key lighting used with the video shot at night and the rest at dusk/dawn. The video also has little to no performance elements to it but it does however, maintain the context of the narrative but this is does very subtly, even in the final shot mirrors the shot at the very start.

Goodwin Analysis
  • Close-Ups of the artist used throughout
  • Music and Visuals connected through the pace of edits, cutting on the beat and increase in pace/frantic running and camera movements as the song reaches crescendo
  • The cinematic style and zombie apocalypse narrative element are intertextual references
  • Notion of looking (looking out of a window and into a rear-view mirror
  • Lyrics and Visuals - "If you close your eyes" links to the black eyes, "walls tumbling down in a city" links to city setting; videos narrative enhance's songs meaning

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