Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Evaluation on Lip Sync Exercise and Busted Video Remake

For the first task, we had to do a 'Lip Sync Exercise' which will help us become more aware of the problems and pitfalls we may have to face. We were asked to do just the introduction and first verse of a chosen song (Total Eclipse of the Heart).
Te second task was to create in groups, a 'Video Remake' of Busted's 'What I Go To School For' to understand what is involved in the organisation, direction and editing of a music video (Remake the first 1 minute 8 seconds).

Research and Planning:
Task 1: For the first task, the best tip was not to pretend to sing but actually sing out loud, this is because when singing out loud, your breathing and mouth actions were far more convincing and 'correct'. Also looking into the camera for the mid-close up framing was important and also learning the lyrics correctly was key which i something i wish i had done more of, by watching and listening to the song more and considering the expression used.

Task 2: For the second task the most useful planning task was both the storyboard and shooting script. Both these worked together helping all of us as a group to establish not only the time scale of production but also the order of production. From doing this task as a group, we wished we had done more for the schedule of production, as we struggles when members of our group were unable to make the lesson. For next year, i expect the planning to be more thorough due to the scale of production when making a music video, for example:

  • Watching the video
  • Writing each and every shot used - Storyboard
  • Props and how to obtein these
  • Personnel requirments (cast)
  • Shooting Script (order is appears in the video)
  • Health and safety risk assessment
  • Planning a schedule (when and where)
  • Booking Equipment
  • Gathering props 
  • And Recording
Production: Digital Technololgy
Throughout the production stage my knowledge became more advanced through filming and the use of YouTube but particularly through the use of edit suits such as, 'Premiere Pro' which enables you to construct the video by placing all the clips from the filming onto the editing suit and placing them together by editing and cropping them individually to create a flowing sequence of clips to form a video. From this i was able to learn how to place effects on clips from the 'Effects Window' and also how to speed up or slow down a particular clip and also change the volume of individual clips. Not only was i able to expand my knowledge in these areas but also on the software itself as i have never come across i before.

Production and Post-production:
During the production we felt as a group overall, we did very well and worked well together, particularly because we planned our schedule very early on. Problems we came across a few times was the lighting,  as there are numerous occasions the in the video of low key lighting, to avoid this issue we decided to use a single photography spot light/lamp which was light enough for the camera to establish everything buy not too bright is took away the low key lighting effect from the video. Another issue we faced during the Post-Production is that we didn't give spend enough time on editing the video together, resulting in us spending extra time, going over our time schedule.
Particular tool and devices that were particularly useful when editing were tools such as the 'Red Clip Icon' which came up when you scrole the mouse over the end of a clip which enables you to cut a clip, which was very useful as we filmed a long time before and after each scene and when we continuously filmed multiple scenes together.

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